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Because some people seem to want to know what I think...

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  • kimberly@kimberlychapman.com
  • WriterCrafter
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  • kaceewriter
I don't do anything here anymore. I am mostly on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/kim.chapman.96199/ (but extremely limiting on new friends there, so if you're coming from here PM me to say so, also specify that you are not a TERF, you will not give unsolicited advice about anything ever, you do not "hate children", you are pro-choice, and basically if you are a cishetwhitedude don't even bother). I also post occasionally on Twitter but not conversationally. https://twitter.com/writercrafter

All of my posts with baby pictures can be found at this tag link.

An explanation of Peo's name can be found in this journal entry.

Archived baby icons:

Peo's House Baby - 15.5 Weeks Baby -33 Weeks Peo - Born Oct 7 2005 My Girl Happy Girl Geek Baby I'm The Boss! Love Me Tender Geek Baby IncredicuteAll This And Brains Too Birthday 2006

I breastfed for 2 years and three months!

Proud Breastfeeding Mama

Did it for 2 years and 3 months, then convinced Peo to self-wean for a positive end.

Pomegranate Thread To Show Infertility Support

I am married to the bestestest guy ever, corranwebster!

I am an author. I recently released an independently published ebook called Finding Gaia. This also keeps me very busy. It is a love story about immortals with super powers finding their way to each other and trying to live in the modern, mostly-real world.

Somewhere in the background, I'm also still writing The Colonial Chronicles, a speculative/scifi/crime drama series with romantic elements.

I have had one novel, Sorrows of Adoration, published in the past. I recently withdrew the rights from a second publisher for various issues and will try to independently release it sometime soon.

I'm also a liberal/Green activist and avid crafter/artist, working mostly in clay, cake decorating, beads, and stained glass. This page on my website lists my crafts, including galleries and free patterns and tutorials. My website also contains lots of other information, such as resources for domestic abuse victims, a tutorial on how to write an essay, plus a lot more. Go to http://kimberlychapman.com/ for the site map.

I am 100% Canadian, regardless of where I'm currently residing.

On friending: I'll generally friend back anyone who friends me as long as they're not into racism and hate and such things (and if they are, why would they friend liberal me in the first place?) and as long as it looks like a legitimate journal (i.e. not a sock puppet). As mentioned above, don't friend me if you require constant attention or will get cranky if I don't meet some kind of cosmic comment word count in your journal. On the flip side, I don't defriend people for not having time to comment in my journal.

If you're oversensitive, whiny, and can't handle anything you believe being questioned, let alone open debate, don't friend me. I'm tired of people getting their knickers in a knot because someone else doesn't agree with them 100%.

I also don't friend empty journals unless they're for someone I know in real life, nor do I friend journals that appear to just exist for the purposes of collecting friends, or run through friend-inviting software.

I strongly appreciate friends who use lj-cuts for large photos or spoilers. In fact, I now have a rule that I will defriend anyone who posts uncut spoilers for unaired shows or movies/books that are new enough that it's reasonable to assume not everyone has had a chance to see/read it yet. There are too many considerate people I'd rather focus my time on instead.

I am spoiler-free on pretty much everything, from my favourite TV shows to books to movies. I do not like being told things about possible plot twists, rumours of what's going to happen to a character, or how the story ends. PLEASE DO NOT POST SPOILERS in comments in my journal. When in doubt if I've seen/read something already, please ask first. This also gives me a chance to warn others that there are spoilers in the comments. Thank you!

I screen comments from anyone not on my friends list, so don't bother trying to post flames or other bullshit. It won't see the light of day. I also track IP addresses on posts, so sock puppets can go to hell and die, mmmkay?

Occasionally you may see me refer to THE EVIL in my posts. This is my code word for cockroaches. I have a phobia about them. I don't like using the word, so I call them THE EVIL. This is not a joke, this is a serious phobia, not for kidding around, mmkay?

LaPaglia Respect
News, VCR alerts, photos, and more about Anthony LaPaglia (I used to post news all over the Internet but now I only have time for this one group)

Marriage is love.

Brighter Planet's 350 Challenge

Equal Marriage For Same-Sex Couples

Find me on Ravelry as kimberlychapman

I watched all of Everybody Loves Hypnotoad!
(I made this icon to use but it's over the 40K limit so I'll stick it here for now...if you watched all of Everybody Loves Hypnotoad without fast forwarding, feel free to use it as well and please give credit/link back!)

Special Agent Dale Cooper, FBI:
The recognition that evil exists as an entity outside our understanding of life is not official policy of the Bureau.

Looking for the icons I've posted? Check the memories list.

Come play aliens with me! Tell me when you join and I'll invite you to the super-friendly guild I'm in.
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