kimberlychapman (kimberlychapman) wrote,

Lovely. The pasta machine I bought mainly for the purpose of rolling out sheets of modelling chocolate, particularly for my Mike McCarey assigned cake for the show, broke tonight. I only got it a few weeks ago and have only used it about five or six times.

The modelling chocolate was always super-soft before going in, but the machine still constantly shed little black metal filings (those are supposed to disappear after the first couple of uses...good thing this is only a display piece), still seized frequently, and tonight seized badly enough that after I got it going again, the adjustable roller wobbles so anything rolled comes out wavy.

This machine is a piece of crap. I can't believe it's even considered food-safe.

I got it on Amazon but their help files say defective product complaints need to go to the manufacturer first, so I emailled the manufacturer and demanded a total reimbursement, and I refuse to pay shipping costs toward that. We'll see what they say. I won't name the make/model/company for now (although I have posted a negative review on Amazon, but it's not up yet), so if they make good and give me a full refund I'll leave it at that.

But if they don't, I'll make sure everyone knows to avoid their products like the plague henceforth.

Meanwhile the cake design I had in mind has had to change because it's too hard to manually roll modelling chocolate that thin. So I'm trying something different. We'll see how it goes.

* grumble *
Tags: cake, consumer, craft
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