kimberlychapman (kimberlychapman) wrote,

Cheese beats cupcakes. Seriously?

I was giving Peo her standard lunch of whatever fresh fruit is around and a hunk of the sharp cheddar blocks we buy at Costco. But when I opened the bag, it smelled funny and I saw the whole underside was white with mold. Some can be cut off, sure, but not that much and not when it smells like that. I threw it out.

Peo burst into tears and exclaimed, "If I can't have sharp cheddar, nothing else will ever taste good EVER AGAIN!"

I asked, "Not even the food at G's party in two hours?"

"No! Not unless they have sharp cheddar!"

"I don't know if they'll have sharp cheddar but they'll have cupcakes."

She made a face and said, "Yech!"

"Yech? Yech to cupcakes?"

Peo sighed, "I only like cupcakes if I can have them with sharp cheddar."

Tags: food, parenting, peo

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