kimberlychapman (kimberlychapman) wrote,

Wanna see what I've been working on? Even with a massive headache and allergies?

Check it:

First, this pic shows some of the open-air stringwork I've done (hey what is all that stuff, I wonder...don't you wish you could see the whole thing in context?)
sugar work

And what the hell is this? Hrm, dunno, guess you'll have to come to the Austin cake show at the end of this month to find out!
sugar work

What's that you say? It's mean to tease you so much? Okay. Here's a more obvious structure...
sugar work

Still not enough information? Sheesh, you people! Fine, here's what I did with it this afternoon. It's still wet and shiny, it's *that* recently made.
sugar work

Now get over to and buy your tickets for the show, because you can totally do that online now! Booyeah!

PS Check this out...Gummy Space Invaders!

blue gummy space invaders

Made using this ice cube tray and this recipe. Except blue Jello only seems to come in large packs so I measured out half a pack. Quite tasty.

These probably aren't going on the cake. I had thought of making sugar space invaders originally but decided I didn't like the idea where I had it planned, so...meh. They're for eating. Nom nom nom.
Tags: cake, crafts

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