Anthony LaPaglia

Adding New Friends, etc

Most of this journal is open and I'll add friends as long as I can tell that they're real people and not someone with whom I've previously had some kind of problem. If you add me and I don't add you back, send me a note to let me know who you are.

Please don't friend me and assume I'll immediately have time to read your LJ all the time. I'm horrid at keeping up with flist. I do what I can but I'm very busy.

NOTE: As of August 21 2008, this journal only accepts comments from friends. This is because of some jerks going around posting inappropriate stuff. I apologize for not allowing friends outside of LJ to comment any more, but they can always email me directly, or join and add me as a friend and I'll add them back.

2nd Note: Authors and author-wannabes: stop asking me to do fake interviews of you on my blog. I am not here to promote your book and the very idea of a cut-and-paste fake interview is offensive.