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I've been working my butt off on the basic backgroundish coverings of the show cake, putting in far more time and effort than originally intended, especially on the undersides of the boards. Yes, I said undersides. They will be visible and I've been told the judges will look.

Peo has been home sick all week which has cost me a lot of time. The high humidity during this week prevented me from doing several things I had planned, and slowed everything I did do down quite a bit.

But I've got some teaser photos of some of what I've done...I'm not saying what's where on the cake or what it means or why it's there, just a little sample of my intense efforts:

sugar art

sugar art

sugar art

You'll be able to see the full thing at the Austin cake show on the last weekend of February, and remember that you can come see me work on it in exchange for volunteering at the show, details here (and just because one person has said they'll help, don't let that stop you, because plans can change and I can use lots of help at the kiddie table!).
Tags: austin, cake, crafts
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